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We have sold our products nationally for the last 24 years, and our customers have used them for projects all over the globe.


We specialize in high quality glazing products including neoprene setting blocks, tape, plastic shims, U-channels, closed cell sponge cord and dense cord. Our expert staff members are ready to help you with your glazing needs.

As technology continues to transform the ways in which buyers search for products and communicate with our clients, GRP has developed our new website to sharpen our competitive edge. As we continue to grow you will see more and more of our products become available to purchase online for your convenience. GRP is determined to stay ahead of the curve to provide the most services and support in today’s manufacturing.

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Prefer a traditional route? Download and browse our catalog (PDF) and give us a call if you find something you like.
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Custom Orders

Choose your shape, compound, and color we will make a custom product for your requirements.

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Product Samples

We have samples of select products, these can be mailed to your door upon request.

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