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What We Do

Choose your shape, compound, and color. We will make a custom product for your requirements.

GRP has over 80 years of combined experience in rubber manufacturing. Our expert staff can assist you in designing the best performing, highest quality extrusions possible. GRP is also an excellent source for tool and die design which we design on-site at our production facility.

High-quality products, manufactured to your standards, delivered when you need them.

We have the capacity to meet your production needs from short runs through full production runs. We will work closely with you to ensure that your extruded profiles meet your application requirements, part specifications, quality standards, and is delivered to you on time.

Our stock items are generally available for immediate shipment.  Custom orders are typically available for shipment between two and three weeks from the date of order.

Don’t forget to ask for our sales manager Toby Tatum aka the Rubber Jedi to answer all your extrusion questions.

Storefront Gaskets

GRP manufactures and stocks a complete line of storefront glazing products including extruded profiles for the construction and repair of Kawneer, Bonnell, Vistawall, Amarlite, US Aluminum, YKK, PPG, and Tubelite storefront glass systems.

New cross-sections are constantly being developed from a wide variety of materials. A drawing can also be provided to give you an exact dimensional overview of part. Some parts are produced with non-stretch cord embedded in the cross-section to reduce the amount of stretch encountered by the gasket during installation.

Vulcanization or Molding

The majority of cross-sections can be produced in spliced frames if that is required in your particular application. Splicing or joining the ends of gaskets can be performed by several different means. The strongest and most widely used method is vulcanization. This process is performed in a heated mold and permanently joins the gasket to form rings or corners.

This process can be used to give the customer a small or extremely large gasket without a large investment in a compression or injection tool. Gaskets of this type are used in construction as well as industrial applications and the sizes of the finished gasket are easily adjusted for the proper fit.


The assurance of compatibility of sealants cannot be overemphasized. Every glass installation involves at least two sealants and frequently several more. These can be:

a) Sash joinery sealant
b) Exterior glazing sealant
c) Interior glazing sealant
d) Heel or toe bead
e) Insulating glass sealant
f) Butyral laminate in laminated glass

The proven compatibility of all materials involved is essential to the long term success of any glazing installation. Chemical reaction from physical contact of incompatible materials can occur. Less frequently, volatile constituents given off by one material can adversely affect another within the closed confines of the glazing rabbet. Sealant manufactures generally are willing to conduct compatibility test in their laboratories and to give the results in writing. Compatibility should always be investigated and never assumed.

Plastic/PVC Extrusions

When it comes to performance, the right plastic extrusion material makes all the difference. Whether you need your material to be strong yet lightweight, flexible, colorable or weatherized, GRP materials experts help you select the best material for your application. Our relationship with leading plastic compounders gives us quick access to the best materials with just the right properties to meet your requirements.

Silicone Extrusions

GRP Specializes in colored silicones which have become widely popular with customers and architects in storefront applications. Any of our extrusions can be made to match the colors you need. There is a minimum on footages.

Die Cutting/Tooling

At GRP, we cut all of our own extrusion dies in house. Whether for prototype or production tooling, our tool and die team applies their extensive knowledge using advanced CAD/CAM software, machining and the latest EDM technology to custom build the highest quality tools. GRP can make parts from a blueprint, duplicate an existing extrusion or prototype, or we can custom design a product to satisfy your needs. Think of us as your off-site design department, available to assist you with whatever part of the process with which you need help. If you have an upcoming project that you want to talk over with a GRP designer, call us and we’ll work with you to create the solution.

In the following pages you will see many of our extrusions designed for all types of applications. Drawings are not to scale. We are able to produce 8” to 1/8th inch width extrusions. If you do not see what you are looking for in the catalog please call our sales department. We will be happy to help you identify a part you may be looking for or custom design it just for you.

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Need something specific? We will be happy to design, manufacture, and ship your order straight to you. Tell us a little about your project needs and we will provide a free custom quote to suit your needs.